Thailand History

The Origins of Thai The Kingdom of Thailand has been inhabited since the advent of civilization in Asia. The Thais originated in northwestern Szechuan in China and later migrated down to Thailand along China’s southern part. They split into two main groups. One build their foundation in the North and became the kingdom of “Lan

Events And Festivals in Thailand

Every year, Thailand hosts numerous festivals and events. Some of these are unique to certain towns or provinces whilst others are celebrated nationwide. This is by no means a complete list because there are so many obscure local festivals, fairs and events to be found in Thailand. >>  Information >> The Culture of Kanchanaburi, Thailand Here

10 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand offers ample choice for every preference and budget no matter what you are searching for, whether you are a history enthusiast, a party animal, a beach bum, water sports die-hard, food adventurer or just in need of peace and quiet – the chances are in your advantage that somewhere in Thailand you can find

Eco Tourism in Thailand

Eco tourism is nothing new. It has been popular among a small number of people who love nature. Despite increasing development in Thailand, the country still manages to maintain a resplendent natural beauty and Thailand ecotourism is thriving. >> Information >> Thailand History Thailand is fortunate in its prime location for tourism in terms of such natural

The Culture of Kanchanaburi, Thailand

A province of Thailand, Kanchanaburi lies two to three hours by land from the capital of Bangkok. A mountainous region irrigated by the Kwai River and bordering Burma, Kanchanaburi has been home to several Southeast Asian cultures, stretching back to Neolithic times. Modern Kanchanaburi town, capital of the province, provides visitors with a base for

Thailand Introduction

Thailand Introduction will supply more information about Thailand for visitors. The Kingdom of Thailand charmed large number of foreign visitors than any other country in Southeast Asia with its prolific topographical diversity as well as its glorious culture and history so deeply rooted to begin with. Thailand is without doubt a richly endowed country with