The South of Thailand

Southern Thailand is probably the most diverse region in the kingdom. It is a place of dense forests, imposing mountains and deep caves. It is also a place of rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Most of all it is home to some of the world’s most glorious islands and beaches. Whether they are islands like Phuket and Koh Samui that are geared for the well-healed tourist, or destinations like Koh Surin that attract the more adventurous, or even Koh Phangan where beach party animals dance to the small hours of the morning, the south of Thailand has something for everyone.

Southern Thailand is rich in cultural diversity. Bordering Malaysia, the south is home to most of Thailand’s Muslims and Islamic influence has helped mold the region into probably the most unique in the kingdom. It is also home to “chao ley” (sea gypsies) who live as they have for generations – in small communities and faring the sea. A visit to the south also allows visitors to try the southern interpretation of Thai cuisine – a bold, spicy cuisine featuring fresh seafood that is very different from that available elsewhere in the kingdom.

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